Prayers of Christian Polity #1

Our Father in Heaven, whose Spirit counsels us, We unburden ourselves before You. Our sisters stand exposed before the accuser who prowls. Our sisters have renounced the evil deeds of darkness; they have submitted their self-condemnation to Your assessment: “Saint!” Now, what shame must they suffer, who are resting in the Christ? They were once as once we were: adulterers, murderers, idolaters, who offered their own children before our preferred Molechs. But you have washed them and joined them into a Bride for Your Son. So we beg You, Father, to comfort and assure! And though we dare not rebuke a lion, we utter Michael’s prayer before You: “Rebuke the one who lunges to tear this Body!” For we suffer where these daughters do. Shatter the man who acknowledges neither the Body’s smolder nor bruise, that Your mercy might be known as we assuredly celebrate coming Justice. Amen.