The conclusion of War

World War I ended in 1918, but he Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union lasted from 1947-1991.

“The length of time necessary to iron out and smooth away one single mistake in world history seems to me to be decidedly underestimated. The fact that I began with the quote from 1929: ‘La guerre ce sont nos peres,’ [The war is our fathers’ business] should also warn us today against believing too quickly that this period of cold war is over” (Rosenstock-Huessy 27).

“Peace must be articulated and explicitly concluded. Otherwise the cold war will continue. Peace is not a natural condition that you can fall back upon or return to. That is the basic mistake made by people who worship nature. No, war is declared, just as love has to be declared. Peace on the other hand, is concluded in spite of a grave, just as marriages have to be explicitly concluded. A declaration of war makes a conclusion of peace necessary. So a condition in which people do not speak to each other before a war is followed by an explicit declaration of war, which is in turn followed by the conclusion of peace.” (69).

“war stops speech; and we have cause to fear the interruption [cessation] of speech more than bombs” [Reference to MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction (via nuclear war)] (36).

Robert F. Kennedy visits West Berlin in 1962

U.S. secretary of justice Robert F. Kennedy (C) and West Berlin lord mayor Willy Brandt (C-R) visit the Berlin Wall, 23 February 1962. Photo Credit:

Do you have relationship at a state of “cold war”? Remember that the “Cold War” was not based on disinterest or non-relationship. Instead, it was passive bitterness, intentional “silent treatment,” or fear-driven competition.

Have you been wronged? Are you still engaged in relationship with the person who wronged you? Make sure apparent calm does not conceal “cold war.” Peace is not the absence of fighting; it is relational completeness, fulfilment, and satisfaction.


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