What is Peace?

What gives me the right to say? Prerogative belongs to the divine; nevertheless, I speak into the air. IMG_7517

Our existence is the overflow of His passionate love, for when a sovereign captain possesses wealth in excess of that which He desires to load upon his boat, he is at perfect liberty to cast it around him as grace unconditional.

So, what gives me the right to say what peace is? Nothing. I will never count my speech as a right when it was given as a gift. Though I might protest the suppression of this gift by those unauthorized to do so.

Anyway, my description of peace would be though the image of fulfillment. The bride and groom united after long days of conflict — internal and external — though, thank God, not eternal. And the Christian Church is the Bride awaiting the return of Her Prince of Peace — who is, by the way, also the Sovereign Captain from whom we originate and receive the gift of speech.

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